R. J. Leaver

Rich Leaver is a 30+ year veteran working in county land information systems, and is currently in private practice as a land surveyor. But his new title is really that of geospatial change agent.

For 22 years he was the county surveyor and director of the Dodge County surveying, mapping and property listing department. His county was the first county in Wisconsin to begin parcel mapping on a personal computing platform in 1983, and the first county to work cooperatively with a state agency implementing a statewide user densification of 3D control monuments. From 1988-1991, Rich spoke at the UW Madison Extension Course “Developing Geographic and Mapping Analysis Systems” with other featured speakers from around the country. He is also an avid writer and speaker about the paradigm shift that needs to occur within the geospatial community.

Rich has been identified as being passionate about his work. Not so, he would respond. He is only passionate about getting out the message of change that needs to happen within the geospatial community of professionals, and then seeing that change happen.

Surley, Gunner, Dr. DeCracker and the MisStake

Surley, Gunner, Dr. DeCracker and the MisStake

Surley Surveyor and Gunner George were out staking on a property survey one Monday. Gunner was fairly new to the profession and was still breaking in the new total station. Both were under stress, because their boss back in the office was cranky and wasn? sure that the new equipment investment was a good thing.

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