2016 World SeriesThat’s right, baseball fans. We’re announcing our first-ever Virtual Office Pool and we’re starting with the 2016 World Series featuring the Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago Cubs! Heck, we’ve even designated a special place here at RPLS Today called RPLS Sports to handle this and (hopefully) future Virtual Office Pools.

The winner of our first Virtual Office Poolwill receive a special RPLS Today Goodie Bag, assembled and personalized by Angel (no, she’s not an Angel’s fan). While we don’t have all the particulars decided just yet on what the Goodie Bag will contain, we do still have a lot of stuff laying around that surveyors are sure to like. Angel always does a very nice job of putting them together, along with a personalized note or card.

We may also include some goodies for runners-up, but we’ll see how things go. This first run at a Virtual Office Poolis also a beta test for future pools, so we appreciate your help in trying this out with us. Be sure to let us know if you have any problems and what you think about the contest in general, so we can improve upon it for future offerings.


How does it work?

I’m glad you asked. All you have to do is make sure you are logged in to RPLS Today, then visit the RPLS Sports page. Click the huge PLAY NOW button, and you’ll be taken to your predictions page. Then just fill out your score predictions for each team in each game. Note that once a game starts, you won’t be able to add or edit scores for that game, so make sure you submit your predictions before the start of each game. If you like, you can submit all of them ahead of time and come back later if you want to changeyour predictions for the games thathaven’t started yet.

This VOP is based on a points system. You earn points 2 points for predicting the correct winner of each game. You also get 5 points for each score of each team that you predict correctly, even if you didn’t accurately choose the winning team. You can also earn points by correctly answering the Bonus Questions. Each question is worth 3 points, if answered correctly. Visit the My Predictions page now to enter your picks and answer the questions.

For more information about points and the rules of this Virtual Office Pool, please visit the RPLS Sports Rules page.

You must act fast to maximize the points you can earn!

Since you cannot submit your predictions for games once they are started, you need to act now! The first game starts at 5:08pm Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 — if you don’t enter by then, you’ll miss out on those points. You can still enter after that date, but you won’t be able to submit your predictions for past games or those that have already started.

You must also submit the answers to the Bonus Questions before the start of the first game, so you better get going!


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4 comments on “RPLS Sports Presents: 2016 World Series Virtual Office Pool

  1. Here are the final results:

    I'm leaving it up to SWMTGB (She Who Makes The Goodie Bags) to decide if she wants to do a random drawing for a single winner, as stipulated in the original rules. If she's in a particularly good mood, she might want to go ahead and make two…

  2. Craig Chase and Doug Crawford will each get a goodie bag. :innocent:

    If each of you could message me with your email address, I'll send you my questionnaire and we'll go from there. Thanks!


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