*EXAMPLE* GPS base unit, tripod, radios, data collector and accessories

Equipment Details

*EXAMPLE* GPS base unit, tripod, radios, data collector and accessories

Complete base station unit, including a HAL 9000, Tri-Cool tripod, AM/FM radios, Terminator data collector T-3000 and 4 safety cones with emoticon stickers. The emoticon stickers are most valuable to me but the base unit and other stuff is pretty cool, too. Base unit approximate value is $27,000,000 and the stickers are worth about 10 cents each. Oh and Jethro’s wallet is missing.

Incident Details

Location Description

Parking lot of the Red Apple Restaurant

Incident Summary

I left my base station setup in the parking lot while I took a lunch break in the Red Apple. I made sure to get a seat where I couldn’t see the base station. I did see an old baby blue jalopy driving through the area repeatedly, and I suspect that is the getaway vehicle. Seemed like I could see a GPS unit sticking up out of the back and it looked like Bigfoot was driving. Oh well, I ordered another whiskey and decided to call it a day.

Date of Incident

June 27, 2020

@ 3:12 pm (approx.)

Report Details

Owner Details

Jass Surveying

Boring, OR 97302

Contact Details

Recovery Information

Date of Recovery

July 1, 2020

Equipment Recovered

We found Jethro’s wallet in the Red Apple parking lot.


We was just wandering around the area and stumbled on Jethro’s wallet.

Recovery Location


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