RPLS Sports: Rules

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Predicting the Games

Predict the end score of all the games in the series. You have until 15 minutes before the start of a gameto add or change your predictions.

Bonus Questions

You can earn extra points during the serieswith the bonus questions. These questions must be answered before a given date and time. Each question shows how manypoints you can earn.


The scores at the end of each game are used for the calculation of points.

You get points for predicting the correct winner of each game. We call these Win Points. If you happen to predict the exact score(s), you get Score Points. Even if you don’t predict the correct winner of each game, you will still receive Score Points if you correctly predict the actual scores.The table below shows how these points are scored.

Win Points (per accurately predicted win) [fp-totopoints]
Score Points (exact match per score, per game) [fp-fullpoints]
Bonus Points (per correctly answered question) 3

Tie Breakers

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points at the end of the series,we’ll conduct a random drawing to find our overall winner.