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Community Rules

  1. Be nice. This is a serious rule. If you cannot be nice and treat others with respect, there is no place for you here.
  2. No spam or porn. It only takes one spammy post to get you banned for life.
  3. No advertising. Posting your products, services, or promotions of any kind in this forum without prior authorization is considered spam and will be treated as such. If you would like to advertise with us, please visit the Advertise page.
  4. No politics. Political discussions are not allowed. Anything you post that contains a political lean will be removed and your account will be locked, banned or both. For example, if you want to talk about sports, don’t add political banter to your sports post.

The Community Rules apply to all areas of the RPLS Today website. This means that you can’t circumvent these rules in your signature, avatar, post comments, or any other place on the website.

What to do if you observe violations

We here at RPLS Today are indeed human and miss some things due to time constraints and other reasons. If you see anything offensive or miscategorized, please use the Report button associated with the offending post to let us know.

A word about censorship and freedom of speech

The US Bill of Rights allows citizens the right to free speech in a public forum without limitations imposed by the State. (“Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.”) This forum is not a “public forum”; it is a private forum that is open to the public. As a general rule, however, we uphold the ideals of the Constitution and do not condone the censorship of ideas. We allow relatively free and open discussion about just about anything. However, we do adhere to a simple tenet of respect. There is no place here for personal attacks. Debate, fault, discuss the action and don’t abuse other members of the site. When in doubt, please remember this golden rule of message forum etiquette: It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

What happens when rules are broken?

People need to grow up. If you break the rules or other ethical and common standards of public engagement in any way, including but not limited to name-calling, personal attacks, singling-out other users in a hurtful way, bullying or other ridiculous childish behaviors (including inane “Abott and Costello” banter), we retain the right to temporarily or permanently ban you at will and remove your posts at our discretion.

This is a forum where adults are supposed to get together and discuss surveying issues and maybe some other non-surveying issues from time to time. We invite you to amaze us with your ability to act like an adult and a professional.

If you write to us whining about your removed posts, banning issues or other reasons related to your abuse of the forum, we’ll most likely respond with something like, “Cry me a river” or “Would you like cries with your WAHburger?” along with one of the photos below.

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