50 Surveying Facebook Pages and Groups You Should Be Following

70+ Surveying Facebook Pages and Groups You Should Be Following

The following is a list of Facebook Pages and Groups of prominent groups in the surveying industry that have an active presence on Facebook. Some items may be NSFW (not safe for work) so visit them at your own risk.

This list is by no means comprehensive, it’s simply a smattering of Surveying Facebook pages I find interesting and potentially valuable or entertaining. Also note that some links may lead to closed groups, which means you’d need to request membership in order to view and/or participate.

First off, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our own Facebook page for RPLS Today Community updates: RPLS Today on Facebook.  Now onto the rest of the list.

Surveying Information / Publications

The latest industry reviews, tips, humor, and news.


Surveying Associations / Societies

Pages related to national, international and regional associations.


Surveying Government Agencies / Authorities

Pages related to government agencies, boards and similar entities.


Who or what did I miss?  Let me know in the comments and with your help I’ll continue to update this list!

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Dallas Morlan
9 months ago

Land Surveyor Reference Page http://www.lsrp.com/  Hosted by Huntington Technology Group, Inc. Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, Physical Sciences Collection, Surveying and Geodesy  https://amhistory.si.edu/surveying/

Andrew Clark
9 months ago

Arizona Professional Land Surveyors,

Just A. Surveyor
9 months ago

Nothing good can come from associating with FB and if the Orwellian thought police continue unabated I will abandon this forum.Just saying.

9 months ago

Totally agree about Facebook. Although it’s not really 1984 – there’s no need for Big Brother or authoritarianism when people couldn’t care less about anything outside their social media entertainment sphere…Huxley was more on point about the future of humanity.
The late great Dr. Neil Postman had some things to say on the subject in that very year.

9 months ago

@just-a-surveyorYou are not the only Facebook hold out here.Over the years I have watched with disquietude the actions of that company, and am pleased to have nothing to do with it.I also do not want an iphone or android based phone for similar reasons.I am grateful to Wendell and Angel for providing such a good alternative. 

9 months ago

Did you mean to include the NOAA/NOS Coast Survey and exclude the NOAA/NOS/National Geodetic Survey? The Coast Survey’s work and products mostly relate to nautical charting but work cooperatively with the US NGS on products like VDATUM.

9 months ago
Reply to  Wendell


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I am not a facebook user but note that a Google search yields the result in the image above.

9 months ago

Posted by: if the Orwellian thought police continue unabated I will abandon this forum.

I don’t see anything here that tells you what to think.  Just some topics not to share those thoughts on.

Just A. Surveyor
9 months ago
Reply to  Bill93

I was referring to the insipid FB and all those other “social networking” sites. I find it quite alarming that they have so much power and influence.
This forum is fine for the most part…….for now.

9 months ago

Ok, that’s better.  I’m an all-star at misinterpreting ambiguous statements like “this forum”.

9 months ago

Posted by: the insipid FB

Shelby H. Griggs PLS
9 months ago

I follow some, BUT not 70, not enough time in the day, then there are amateur radio pages, camping pages and others, pretty soon just overwhelming amount of info to sort through each day.SHG

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