Wisconsin Surveyor Knows His Shit

Wisconsin Surveyor Knows His Sh*t

Hundreds of people came out to Sauk Prairie to participate in a Wisconsin tradition and see just how far they could fling dried cow dung.

111 women and 149 men signed up for the 2019 Wisconsin Cow Chip Throw. Each contestant was allowed to select and throw two cow chips, with their best score being recorded. Officials said contestants came from Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and Georgia.

The distance of each throw was measured by Dan Marks of River Valley Land Surveying using a real time GPS receiver. Marks said the devices is often used to locate property corners for exact coordinates within a hundredth of a foot.

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holy cow
10 months ago

All I can add is that my family was pleased to help make this event possible.  Of course, now we are all running a little low on s**t.

10 months ago

Funny that no brand wanted to take credit for their crappy accuracy. Leica, Trimble, Javad or Topcon, we may never know.

Brad Ott
10 months ago

I love you / this place so much!Thank you W.

10 months ago

Also what do you measure to in this instance. Front edge, back edge or center of mass? What would Kent do?

10 months ago

Pfffft….RTK?I will only recognize the results of a fully constrained static network adjustment using fixed height tripods.And they better have observed the punch mark in the center of those chips. ….there was a punch in them, right?

Scott Ellis
10 months ago
Reply to  Rover83

Well its a distance contest, it should be the part of the chip farthest from the throw line, or is it the closest point in a contest?

10 months ago

Posted by: @Wendell using a real time GPS receiver. Marks said the devices is often used to locate property corners for exact coordinates within a hundredth of a foot

If he can do that reliably, the brand should be begging for credit.

Geoff Ashworth
10 months ago

This is the first year with a new surveyor. The previous surveyor used Leica. However he is in a bit of legal trouble right now. This event takes place a few blocks from my house. I’ve thrown a few times in the past but not this year. Their slogan is we’re number 1 in number 2.

Nate The Surveyor
10 months ago

 What would Kent do? Since Kent does not seem that he should help us any more, I reckon we should give our best guess.I think this brings up one of the most simple of all questions, and the most sophomoric of all idiots should know the answer. Even Richard Shaut of Wisconsin probably knows (dippity idiot). Here’s the answer. What you must do is measure the density of the fecal matter, to determine the point of impact. This is then fed into ** Star net. Redundant measurements are necessary.Then, the little pile of hi density fecal matter, (organic compressed straw, oats)… Read more »

10 months ago

Our local high school would play cow patty bingo for fund raisers, they would divide the football field up into one yard squares on paper and the participants could purchase as many squares as they wanted and when all the squares were sold they would turn a cow out on the field for a certain amount of time and then determine which pile was the largest and I would locate it and determine its location on the field.

A Harris
10 months ago

I have not been to a cow chip chunkin” contest in a very long time The girls are the show and become awesome competitorsNothing compares to cow patty dust filling the air and cold beer washes it down very well.One of redneck finest competitions and everyone there needs hosing down afterwards

Daniel Ralph
10 months ago

Posted by: @Wendell exact coordinates within a hundredth of a foot.

I call BS on the word “exact” coming from a PLS. 

10 months ago
Reply to  Daniel Ralph

@Daniel Ralph
Well, it’s exact if you never measure it again…
One of the projects I am assisting with (in another state) has a PLS all worked up because two independent conventional side shots to a 3″ diameter monument miss the published coordinate by about five hundredths and each other by three.

Alan Roberts
10 months ago

Most of the time in these reports that are written by General Interest scribes, the reporter will mistakenly write something in error. I have seen this happen.For instsnce, the surveyor could have said that the measurements are displayed or recorded or measured to the hundreths without saying anything about accuracy. But the general interest reporter covering a cow chip toss writes about the accuracy.So I will defend the surveyor here that they was misunderstood by reporter.Carry on with  the cow chip tossing here. 

Just A. Surveyor
10 months ago

It is usually a great achievement to know your sh*t but I don’t think this would qualify. Now being the official Punkin Chunkin Surveyor would be cool.  

Mike Marks
9 months ago

Farthest edge, just like a football.

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