Seattle Company Says New System Redefines Surveying

Seattle Company Says New System Redefines Surveying

TerraneTerrane, previously known as GeoDimensions, is a surveying company in Bellevue, Washington, claiming that they are redefining land surveying processes. After successfully completing a 5-year strategic plan, writing their own software, and surviving the “Great Recession”, they’ve grown to over 8 times their previous size.

?his could be your first day and we could immediately have a job assigned to you?/em> — Jun Tay, Terrane’s Director of Information Systems

They have put a lot of effort into building a great software platform that helps them manage proposals and projects. Although proprietary, they do provide some insight as to why the new software has helped them become a much more efficient company. You can read the full article at the Daily Journal of Commerce website.

Photo courtesy of Terrane.

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