NSPS Future of Surveying Forum

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NSPS Future of Surveying Forum

NSPSIf you haven’t already participated in the questionnaire from the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) regarding the Forum on the Future of Surveying, please check it out now. They already have over 400 responses, but still need your feedback. The more information we can provide, the better armed they are to continue in an appropriate direction. Let them hear our voices!

Gavin Schrock of xyHt Magazine posted an update regarding the status of the questionnaire over at SurveyorConnect. Gavin says that mentoring and education are not surprisingly among the top responses overall, with a lot of the responses coming from younger generations of surveyors. In addition, he says that NSPS is receiving a lot ofpositive and constructive feedback in the optional comment areas.Gavin also points out that many states have more responses than other, despite consideration for population — Louisiana is apparently the current leader and surveyors in that state are actively promoting the questionnaire.

The deadline is only a few days away so please share this article with your friends and colleagues on your social networking accounts. We owe it to ourselves, our profession and the future of surveying in general to get the word out and make our voices heard.

Click here to participate in the NSPS questionnaire!




Wendell was a Land Surveyor for 26 years, then moved on to building websites for his second career. But he never lost sight of the surveying community and the other disciplines related to surveying. He's purposely stayed involved in the surveying industry because he has always been — and will continue to be — a Land Surveyor at heart.


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