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Bill to Repeal Pipeline Surveying Law in Virginia Fails

Senate Bill 614, which was intended to repeal Virginia’s right-of-entry law for natural gas companies (includingpipeline surveying), has died.

There are many states with right-of-entry laws for surveyors. Many of them are relatively new while others have been established for many years. In Virginia’s case, it seems they have a right-of-entry law specific to natural gas pipelines, which includes pipeline surveying.The law that has everyone up in arms is Virginia Code?56-49.01. Natural gas companies; right of entry upon property, which passed in 2004.

I did some online research and found House Bill 1895, which was introduced in 2003. This is a typical right-of-entry law for surveyors like you would find in many other states. However, itfailed and is not a current part of the Virginia Code. I find it interesting that even though the 2003 bill failed, the 2004 bill passed, but very specific to the natural gas industry.