Another Terrific PLSO Conference

Another Terrific PLSO Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the last day of the 2016 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon (PLSO) Conference, which was held at the downtown Hilton in Eugene, Oregon. I was there to catch-up with a few friends and, coincidentally, teach a couple of classes.

Because of my experience with computers and the fact that I own and operate my own web development business, the PLSO Conference committee asked if I’d like to speak about Windows 10 and Google Analytics. So I did.

For the Windows class, I discussed the new features found in Windows 10, but that only lasted for a few minutes. The primary focus was in regards to the security and privacy issues that have been swirling around Windows 10 for the last several months. I talked about the concerns with the updated privacy policy from Microsoft and how they affect all of us. Then I showed the attendees how to upgrade to Windows 10 and address many of the privacy issues. From my standpoint, it seemed to be a successful class — there was a lot of participation from the audience and we ended the session with some very useful discussions. If you’d like to see the presentation from this class, it is posted right here on RPLS Today –>Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

The Google Analytics class was a bit more difficult for me, but it seems to have been somewhat of a success. I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach the class when I was developing it several weeks ago. I ended up running it as a demonstration, for the most part, showing attendees what kind of data is collected and how to review it. One of my key reasons for doing it this way was to show attendees what information might be collected about them as they browse the web. It wasn’t just about how to collect and use statistics, it was also intended to enlighten. You can also see this presentation, which is somewhat brief, here on RPLS Today –>Google Analytics: Get the Scoop on Your Website

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