Surveyor Character to Appear in High-Profile Movie

Female Surveyor Character to Appear in High-Profile Movie

Hot off the heels of Creed, a successful Hollywood movie that has grossed over $116 million worldwide so far, rising star Tessa Thompson is set to join top actresses in a new movie featuring a surveyor character.If you’ve not heard of Tessa Thompson, you’d do well to go see Creed, which is basically Rocky VII.

Tessa will join Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez in Annhilation, which is based on the first novel in the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. Annhilation followsfour women, one of which is a land surveyor, who explore a mysterious area where nature has reclaimed everything and 11 previous explorations of the area resulted in horrific disaster.

It has not yet been reported which actress will play the surveyor character.


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