Louisiana Surveyors Accused of Negligence

Louisiana Surveyors Accused of Negligence

A land surveying company is being sued by the developers of an affordable housing project in the Algiers community of New Orleans, Louisiana, for providing a poorly performed services.

The developers, Maumas Partners, SA Affordable Housing and Sunamerica Housing Fund 1534, allege negligence and breach of contract in the suit brought againstRichmond W. Krebs and R.W. Krebs in the U.S.District Court Eastern District of Louisiana, case number2:15-cv-01941. According to complaint documents, the defendants were hired by the plaintiffs to perform a land title survey for the new housing development in 2008. A second survey was performed in 2011 by the defendants following the constructionof the project.

Asurvey update was later performed in 2015 byDading Marques Surveyors, according to the suit. The new survey found that the project was constructed 25 feet east of the intended location. The plaintiffs seek $75,000 in damages due to the error, plus litigation costs and other appropriate relief as determined by the court.


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