LightSquared Is Back

LightSquared Is Back

You may remember the interference caused by LightSquared (see what I did there?) a few years ago when they tried to build a 4G network using satellites and cell towers. If you were living under a rock at the time, let’s just say that LightSquared wanted to do things that would have messed with our surveying GPS signals, air traffic control and other important operations. They eventually filed for bankruptcy. Here’s a useful article to get you caught up or remind you of the situation:

They’re baa-aack!

Last week, LightSquared emerged from bankruptcy andhave very recently settled their spats with Garmin, Trimble and Deere.

According to LightSquared’s own press release:

“New LightSquared reached agreement with Garmin on spectrum use parameters for terrestrial service in the L-Band relating to the new company? licenses as regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The agreement marks the end of a number of disputes between the parties over the mobile operator? use of spectrum for ground-based wireless broadband services.”

What do you think about LightSquared’s revival? Is this a good thing?

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