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NCEES Exam Prep Tips and Time-Saving Techniques

School of PE LogoSchool of PE, an exam review course provider, is popularly known for assisting engineers in preparing for NCEES examinations. School of PE now offers Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) review courses for prospective surveyors.

Preparing for NCEES exams can be overwhelming to many examinees as many exam applicants attempt to manage both working full time and preparing for the exam. Past examinees report spending 200 to 300 hours preparing for NCEES exams.

To make the most out of studying, School of PE recommends the following exam preparation techniques:

Sign Up for a Review Course

Studies have shown that instructional assistance while preparing for an exam can reduce the average time needed to complete a learning objective by 30 percent.

Review NCEES’ Exam Specifications

NCEES’ exam specifications show how many questions will be asked on an exam and can help you determine how much time to spend on a specific topic. For example, per NCEES’ current PS exam specifications, out of the 100 questions on the exam, there will be 22 to 33 questions involving legal principles.

Practice Solving Problems

After reviewing each topic, take a break to test your knowledge. Practice problems are a great way to determine if you grasp a particular topic.

Ask for Help

Occasionally while studying, you may find yourself looking for clarification on a certain subject or particular question. Don’t waste hours trying to figure something out. Reach out to colleagues, professionals, or instructors for help.

If you are interested in becoming a professional licensed surveyor and need assistance preparing for your exam, sign up for School of PE’s FS or PS review course. School of PE’s FS and PS exam review courses are designed using NCEES’ exam specifications to ensure that the course time will be spent reviewing the topics that are emphasized on the exam. Combined, the FS and PS exam review courses provide 132 of comprehensive lectures and practice sessions to optimize studying. Students also have the option to ask questions to their instructors any time for additional assistance.

The next session of FS and PS Live Online review courses begins on October 15.


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5 thoughts on “NCEES Exam Prep Tips and Time-Saving Techniques

  1. Capture

    Looks like they’ve already paid something if they have an article. I’ve been quite curious about these courses.  I know a P.E. that enrolled and got a lot out of the program.  I also know that the surveying courses were on their site for awhile, then they weren’t, and now they are again. A little concerning as part of the allure is that they offer free repeats of the program…will it still be there? At their prices would it still be worth it if it was only a one shot deal?Another area of concern is I don’t see any surveyors as instructors, and none of the instructors listed show the FS or PS under “courses handled”. Who is teaching these classes? Have they taken the FS or PS?A bit of a dialogue, and maybe a free to try section may convince myself and others to give it a go.Thanks!

    •  Hi Kevin:  Thank you for taking the time to reply to our article.  We do offer the free repeat feature for this course.  I understand your concerns about the validity of our instructors.  Listed below are the comments that we have received from our current FS Students (who chose to leave a comment).  Our PS course does not start until October.  “The class in general is excellent, and so is the professor and his knowledge about the subject.  Very well organized in terms of class content and supplemental material.  I know that there is the time constrain (sic) for all the material that needs to be covered and also is a review, but the class could go just a little bit slower.  It will also be nice to get some more example problems about the spherical triangle which was the last topic covered during class.  It is nice to have the opportunity of taking this course because nobody else offers this type of review for the surveyor’s exam.  Thank you. “”Very well organized, easy to follow!””Would like more practice problems to work through on my own.  Great lectures!””I had trouble understanding the instructor and did not get a lot of his lecture.  He didn’t seem very well prepared for the class either.  Would have liked to have seen spend more time working problems vs just reading slides.””Good notes, instructor was well-prepared for class.” “The material is covered well, its just a little fast paced for me.” “Mr. Stankiewicz should teach the whole program.  The class was well organized and to the point.  His lessons were the only ones that I did not feel like I was wasting my time or money.”Based on the feedback that we are receiving, we are making changes for our future courses.  We would like the opportunity to talk with you about the course and any other questions you may have.  We also offer group rates, if you have co-workers that are also interested in taking the exam prep courses.  Let us know how we can help you prepare.  614-873-7475

  2. I am currently enrolled in the class.  I feel it has been a waste of my time. The instructors seem to have no surveying experience and all they are doing is reading for different text books .  The one good thing is that it make sit down for 3 hours a night to study. 

    • @dj-fI am sorry to hear that your experience has not been what you expected.  As I told Kevin, we are really working hard to ensure that the course continues to improve and is one in which our students are satisfied with the course content and making sure that it really does help them pass the exam.  Hopefully the set schedule does help you.  We appreciate any other feedback that you would like to share.  614-873-7475

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