While we don’t generally solicit monetary donations (hence why you won’t find a link in the menu system), many of our dedicated members regularly ask where they can send their contributions. We truly appreciate your support and your desire to keep things running. 🙂 You might be interested in knowing why others have donated, so here’s a few examples:
  • Many users have reported that the RPLS Today Community Forums are a treasure trove of helpful information that helps them with their business. They figure if the forum saved them time on a particular task, it also saved them a few bucks and they want to give back.
  • Other users have sold equipment in the forum and have pledged a portion of those proceeds to RPLS Today as a service fee (even though officially we don’t charge a fee at this time).
  • Others simply say they really enjoy the forums and understand that it costs money and time to keep it running.
Regardless of your reason, we appreciate your appreciation. So… here’s a handy-dandy donate form.