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The Compleat Surveyor - Spring 2020 Catalogue - Rare Surveying Instruments and Books  

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I updated my website today to reflect a bunch of new instruments, including an 1880 Young & Sons solar compass, an 1880 Young & Sons Mining Transit, a 1907 Gurley Solar Transit, and a circa 1860 Gurley Railroad Compass, among other things.

I also am offering a good number of instrument catalogues for sale, including a First Edition Gurley Manual (1855).

I also added some additional rare surveying books. My favorite is a First Edition 1855 Burt Solar Compass Key. While the book is quite rare and valuable as a surveying book, this copy was claimed as war booty by a Union Officer on April 3, 1865 in Richmond VA - the day the Union Army finally took the Confederate Capital.

Finally, I added some new instruments and books to my Special Pricing for New Collectors Webpage (where I sell books and instruments at my cost).

And I made it easy to see all of the new updates to the website. Go to: Latest Updates


Russ Uzes

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