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My dad, Bud Uzes, loved surveying history, instruments and books. He authored two editions of Chaining the Land (in 1977 and 2006) and the Illustrated Price Guide to Antique Surveying Instruments and Books (in 1980). In 1995, I created The Compleat Surveyor business to help him in his never-ending quest to find more old instruments and books.  

Earlier this year I built a new website after a decade long hiatus from the hobby  - The Compleat Surveyor Website.  The website focuses on two things.  First, I'm creating a digital reference library for new and seasoned collectors of vintage surveying books and instruments.  I've posted over 160 instrument maker catalogues in pdf form on the website, for example, as well as most of the other reference materials that my dad relied on for 40 years.  Second, I'm offering for sale some very interesting and rare instruments and books.  I have the first Burt Improved Solar Compass ever made (1840), a circa 1730 to 1740 brass compass made in America by Anthony Lamb, and an extremely rare circa 1892 Aluminum Gurley Solar Compass offered for sale on the website.

To help new collectors get started in the hobby without spending a lot of money, I also created a New Collector Webpage, where I offer a number of rare books and instruments at my cost.  To list just a few, I have a 1769 surveying book listed for $83, an 1844 surveying book for $30, a Queen Compass for $165, and a very cool circa 1862 Young Transit for $515 (see pic below).

Please take a look at the new website if you are interested in vintage surveying instruments and books, or just the history of surveying.


Russ Uzes

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