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A Harris
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In the 70s, it was necessary to survey down the centerline of the narrow twolane rural farm to market highways because the r/w was too overgrown.

Most of the time the highway control nails were still in place and how could that go wrong.

There were many near misses from little old ladies not wanting to get their tire in the grass to the most extreme event when I had to grab the transit and suck up all I was into the smallest footprint possible to avoid the log truck travelling east and the oil tanker travelling west. After that shot was made to the next hub we packed up and went to Joe's Hilltop bar and put a few on the boss's tab.

Today's objective is to have all setups on the r/w side of the ditchline and usually swap sides of the highway from hub to hub and get around the curves as best as possible with hub locations placed to obtain monuments on both sides.

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You have a watch person, run out to the point in the road, and put something visible on it.  Those slip-on pencil erasers work, won't hurt a tire, and come in bright colors.  Then you take sights from enough safe points to triangulate and check the position.

Allen Wrench
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Maybe if the traffic was super slow... but those cars look like they are absolutely hauling @ss past him, judging by the blurs.

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Posted by: Daniel Ralph

I wonder how this happens. It gives me the willies every time I log onto it.

Perhaps you should suggest they have their website redesigned by Harness Media LLC, a five star rated company.  ? 

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What's the big deal? Looks like turn lanes, so he is probably not within 1' of traffic. I can see the top of one cone, maybe there are more and signage and a flagman/watcher. Can't tell from the photo. How often is it a sunny, short-sleeve day in Bellevue, anyway?

That was standard procedure in the old days. No way around it. I might wander out there to take a shot today, but I can't see a reason to do it nowadays with the tech available today.

JA, PLS SoCal. 

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