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Last Night-  

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Mrs. File stopped by the office towards the end of the day and  "asked" - ( yeah it wasn't really asking) if she could leave Adopted here for a bit while she ran errands- I was editing a topo and needed to keep him occupied of a minute- I gave him some colored pencils and paper for him to draw quietly for about a 30 minutes. he really took an interest in the old berol lead holder. I showed him how to use the sharpener that sits in the window ledge with a few other artifacts..... I think surveyors tend to have their own little stash of this stuff  in their desk drawers.....

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Dave Karoly
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My Dad had one of the big ones like that.

Kids need to learn not everything is in the computer, right?

Daniel Ralph
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The K&E hand level was a favorite of my heir apparent. She would run around the office establishing the elevation of everything based on her eye height and math skills. Oh, and she still has an affinity for mechanical pencils and their accouterments. 


xyHt Magazine -- Still absolutely free!

R.J. Schneider
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At that age, I found the plumb bob holsters fit a cap gun perfectly. 

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