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Anybody ever do e-mail marketing (Not spam)?

Discussion in 'Business, Finance & Legal' started by Totalsurv, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Kent McMillan

    Kent McMillan 7-Year Member

    Jun 30, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Austin, TX
    Dear Mr. Ted Talks:

    You come highly recommended by other trustworthy people as someone with whom we can deal in complete confidence in a most delicate matter, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Director of Surveys of the largest land surveying firm in Quansotho, admittedly one of the smaller nations and one that has unjustly been neglected by the cartographic committes of numerous geographic societies. In the normal course of business, I have discovered a gap between two properties in the most valuable district of our capital city of Jagerrundehalle, a strip of land that has been reliably valued at $23,250,651 QSD (approximately 13 million Euros).

    Unfortunately, due to various lapses in our Land Titles Act, there is no means for any resident person to claim the land and perfect a good and defeasible title. However, in that the last person under whom title may have been registered (prior to the destruction of all records) shares your surname and nationality. I feel certain that if you were to apply to the Land Titles Office with the proper local representation, a replacement title might be issued and the land sold off for the fair market value of $23,250,651 QSX (approximately 13 million Euros).

    I seek nothing for myself other than the 1% commission that is customary in such dealings and stand ready to expedite the funds transfer if you will kindly oblige with the usual details as to the account to which the wire transfer will be made and the usual information by which you, as account holder, can be identified. Once the funds are deposited in your account, I know that you will oblige by forwarding the commission I mention above.

    Your colleague Mr. Totalsurv, one of our most respected clients with whom we have dealt in complete confidence, has asked that we keep him informed of future business opportunities in our monthly newsletter and we feel certaint that you will wish to subscribe as well. Should you not want to receive future notifications of derelict properties available for title, simply forward the details of your banking account so that we may remove you from our distribution list.

    Until next month, I remain,
    Your obedient servant,

    Albert Guiness, CQLS
    Director of Surveys and Internation Wire Transfers

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