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Wrong Station Setup .  

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Hi there,

I am using a Trimble s5 and I was wondering if is it possible to adjust a wrong instrument setup after that every observetion has been made, manipulate everything to get the right coordinates value , say after you got a proper setup of the instrument and computing the BS/FS day next for example. If so, can it be done while on site ?

Supposed it is not possible while on site, is that possible in processing ? Subject of survey is a river.

Funny enough, the error on my back sight was deltaH 5 mm.

For wrong setup I mean not centering the neil on peg after leveling the instrument.

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I wont profess to be an expert as on this particular board, my 15 years experience is pretty small here. That being said, assuming you know precisely what went wrong, I can only think of a few occasions it cant be fixed in the office.

The fact that the question was raised makes me want to stress on the other advice you received, discuss the issue with the party responsible for your work. Fix or resurvey is their call. 

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I believe if you change the statuon or backsight coords all the obsevauons from the station change as well. 

Norman Oklahoma
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It can certainly be done. You have collected raw data and that data can be recomputed. I use StarNet everyday to do such a thing.  With a laptop, I can do it onsite.  It could be done with a pencil, trig book, and slide rule. So, yeah. All that. 

I believe that you are actually asking is whether updating the station setup coordinates in the data collector will cause the raw data attached to that  station to be recomputed  to match.  I don't know the answer to that. But I'm interested to hear about the results when you try it.   

Paul in PA
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If you change it wrong in the filed it is almost impossible to go back. If you change it without first explaining it to your boss you could be committing fraud.

Wrong instrument setups can come in many forms, wrong IH or RH, easy to change. Wrong occupation and/or backsight number, harder to change. Better to copy your file and work in he copy for the rest of the day. Depending on your software, points can be translated and rotated in the filed, best done in the copy file. The toughest ones to change in the filed are when your control is in one file and your shots are in another file.

Better to do any changes in the office where you can think and plan it out before doing it. again you work in a copied file.

Paul in PA

Peter Ehlert
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In the field? maybe, it depends on your software... high chance of loosing it all unless you make a backup of all your data and work on a Copy.

I agree with @norman-oklahoma

Star*Net is the tool.

loosen up the centering error setting to a reasonable (your best guess) and see how it closes. 
Open traverse? then what Accuracy do you need. Your Bad setup could not be more than a tenth I think

Let's hear how it comes out

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