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What's the bearing?  

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Just A. Surveyor
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EDIT: I am getting ready to start a survey on Lot 2 tomorrow and both the Lot 2 and 3 are owned by the same person. What do you think the bearing is  between Lots 1 & 2.

Incidentally the distance 418 goes to the middle of the road.

PB 6 PG 158 c


Few of the bearings or angles are readable.

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flyin solo
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what is it or what does it say?  my guess is somebody got confused and turned N balls 30 E into N 89 30 E.  As it's clearly the same bearing as the east line of Lot 1, which is fairly legible (as well as the lots north of lee drive).  based on the north arrow and the south line call, i think that's what i'd likely assume.  at least until i started digging up rods, pipes, and fence corners.

Brian McEachern
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By looks and age of the plat, the bearing between lots 1 & 2 would somewhere between what looks like 2 section corners, and whatever has been monumented and relied on. I would expect a plat and found bearing discrepancy, however that is based on my regional findings. The image is difficult to read but here's to hoping you find original corners. Cheers

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I dunno, I'd guess it was supposed to be N1dE so they were perpendicular to the section line and the north boundary of the sub.

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Well at least the subd is properly named.

My first guess is N03-30E, then I'd assume Lee Dr is E-W (or maybe N89W) and then I'd comp it up and see how it closed. IF the closure suggested that N03-30E was incorrect, I'd try to find a bearing that worked and looked representative of the blobs of ink on those lines. Initially I'd limit my search of potential bearings to 30' increments since most lines created by the subd look to be 00' or 30' (there may be some 10' increments but I can't see that well.) - I wouldn't sweat it too much until I'd gone out there and searched diligently for those "iron pins placed at all corners".

You might just contact Thos Williams as the plat is only 48 years old and if Mr. Williams wasn't charging enough (as I hear is the norm in those parts) he probably couldn't afford to retire or to die.

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