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What were you surveying on 9-11-2001?  

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As I remember it, I had taken some time off because my 76 year old Mother was here for a visit from NY. We were just hanging out planning the day, when one of our daughters called with the news. My Mom was supposed to go home the next day, which didn’t happen of course. She assumed the worst, that she wouldn’t be able to get home for weeks, we actually went to the airport the next day, which was pretty scary, with armed guards everywhere. Talking to someone in person was the way to go. I got Mom on a flight, I think it was on Friday (?), she was very relieved. I still choke up, watching the footage of the event.  

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In a  board room that had the largest flat screen I had ever seen. Probably 10 feet across. Meeting about the first permanent RTK base station network in the metro.  They turned it on after the first plane hit. The room went silent for about two hours.  The screen made it real and in your face. I remember seeing the second plane banking around behind the tower and telling my associate here comes another one. RTK network planning didn't seem so important after that. 

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Saw it all on the early news and said to myself, "That was no accident". My company was new at the time. Our phone stopped ringing and we did not get any additional work for weeks.

It was enough to force us out of business.

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Was working a farm survey. My wife calls my cell phone and ask if I'm alright. I say yes why? She says someone is bombing New York City. My wife has never been to good and explaining things, but as bad as the terrorist attacks were, it was by no means as bad as maybe the Russians bombing us. Bout had a heart attack!

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I was doing recon by myself; the first day of a survey at an old shopping mall in Fairfield County, CT.  I remember the police were buzzing back and forth and I was frequent hearing sirens on the highway, but did not think it was a big deal.  I had left my cell phone in the car.  When I stopped for lunch and called my wife, who had frantically been trying to reach me, I learned what had happened.  The big box client did not build that one; the site had been a gun factory and there was a major soil contamination issue.



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