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What qualities make for a good surveyor  

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Let's say that you could only have one person to assist you in your surveying duties and you could pick anyone you liked, for any reason. What are some of the qualities you would look for. I personally be most inclined to choose someone who is on the path towards getting their license. A mild case of OCD doesn't hurt. A curious and determined nature. Physically fit. Educated. Conversely there are certain qualities in an individual that I seek to avoid. Folks that love to argue even when they don't really have a clue what they're talking about, people that can't check their personal problems at the door, folks just plain lacking any enthusiasm for life. Folks that just refuse to admit that they don't know the answer to something and feel the need to make something up instead. Dishonest people. People that can't take constructive criticism. Okay, this line of thought is at serious risk of deteriorating into a rant. o.O

What are the qualities you would look for in your idea of an ideal helper, call him a party chief, IM, chainman, whatever and the why.

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The single most important quality for me would be honesty. Perhaps the form 'integrity' says it better. When I read notes, time cards, etc. I don't want to wonder how much of it is BS.
If the integrity is there I look for someone with mental pathologies that compliment my own...

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Epistemic modesty


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paden cash
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"What qualities make for a good surveyor?"

Tall order. To start with, a lot of things.

First let me say that what makes a good surveyor and what makes a good helper can be two distinct things. Without flapping my feathers too awfully much, I don't need a good surveyor around...I've got one.

But I've got good help, too. Over the years there has been a few of my helpers (less than fingers on my hand) that have gone forth and turned into darn good surveyors. They did that on their own. I might have given them a grocery list they might need for the journey, but they did that on their own.

To coin a phrase, good help is hard to find. If you can find technical help that is honest and humble to a fault and naturally inquisitive, that's a good start. The love of the outdoors is a must with a childlike wonderment for every mystery hidden in the deeds. If your help has all that and shows some aptitude for math and abstract reasoning, a surveyor they might be, given time.

I have always been a firm believer that while geodetic measuring is a science, surveying is an art. A good surveyor has to know when to keep the Crayons in the lines...and when it's ok to color outside them as well.

Dave Ingram
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Had to look that one up, but I'm still not sure I understand.

The mere fact that you used the word might suggest you wouldn't find yourself when looking? 🙂 😀 :whistle:

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