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Tripod question  

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Mark Mayer
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Posted by: @firestix

...thinking about the Leica GST101..

Allen Precision's blurb an these includes "A cost-effective alternative for TPS instruments with angular measurement accuracy above 5" .  In other words, less stable than their other models. But, being Leica, they aren't going to be junk. At least if they don't work out you won't be out much. 

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Leica's own testing in their whitepaper would beg to differ that they are less stable than the GST20/120's.  Sag/torsional rigidity were practically the same and the GST101's actually didn't drift as much over the 3 hour test.  They don't have the self locking pockets and are shorter (166cm max height vs 184cm on the GST20/120's) so bit less functionality but not going to compromise the results.

Leica just have to try find some reason to justify the 3x price difference.

Eric Kara
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I'll add a recommendation. For the price it's to beat a NEDO tripod.  They are wood tripods that are plastic coated. They last way longer than ones what are just painted or fiberglass.  They are also much less than a GST120-9.The tripod i recommend would be a Ref.-No. 200 534-185 It's a dual clamp and is built for robotic total station. They cost rought $280.00

200534 185 big

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party chef
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That is one heavy tripod, and the only round head tripod I have used. One needs to be mindful when setting up a round head if they are using a Leica measure up tape as the top plate can block the tape if the tribrach is centered. 

The Leica legs are worth the price difference, in my opinion.

Shelby H. Griggs PLS
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@firestix I wouldn't skip on a quality tripod, the best gun in the world is useless on a junk tripod. I am a Leica shop and since the 80's actually when I worked other places, I have felt the Leica GST-20 is the best wood tripod if not the best tripod for the money you can buy. Easy 20 yer life if you take care of them, not a bad investment for what they cost new. One of the 1st purchases in 1995 was three brand new GST-20 tripods for I think about $1200, they have all been replaced now with new ones, but they lasted about 20 years, some of the parts for the older ones became unobtainium so I replaced. I would venture to say during a career, you would only need a couple sets of these legs.


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