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Topcon Hiper II Legacy Firmware  

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Does anyone know where someone can access older firmware versions for Topcon GNSS receivers? It seems as if Topcon has shut down all the pages that used to host their file archives.

I have a pair of Hiper IIs that I want to revert to an older firmware, because since I did a totally unnecessary update to a 2017 firmware (from a 2012 or 2013) I have had no ends of trouble with maintaining a RTK fixed once GLONASS satellites are enabled. The receiver drops into Autonomous seemingly randomly, then I either wait or kill/plunge the receiver to try inspire it back to a fix. If I enable GPS satellites only, no problems at all! But then I lose the benefit of the additional SVs.

I've used 2 versions of Survey Pro, and Magnet Field and have the same issue. And had been using the receivers for years without the problem until the darned update.

Hopefully someone here has some guidance, or maybe even has the actual firmware files in backup that they could share!


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David Livingstone
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I've also had that problem.  You don't want to upgrade your Firmware if you are using Surveypro is my experience.  Whats your e-mail?  I think I have those files, at least they have a 2010 date on them.  I'll email them to you.

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