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Surveying and the Law  

One cup o joe
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Good Article by Jeff Lucas in the April issue of POB. "Is it Surveying or is it Something else"?

Are your State Laws strong enough to withstand this "Ice Berg"?

We need to be watching this closely and I hope NSPS is also.

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Haven't read the model law definition lately but I always thought it was off base.  The way I read it a carpenter would need a surveyors licence to measure a 2x4 with a tape measure.  If surveyors are going define themselves as the only ones that can measure accurately, then they are defining themselves not as professional but rather technicians.

What defines a professional surveyor in my view is one that understands the law and can provide professional opinions on where land boundaries are located.  Measuring is involved but near the bottom of the list in importance.  If all that is done is place a description on the ground with measurements, its not a boundary survey and it doesn't require professional knowledge. Training yes, but not evaluation of evidence, using the law, and professional judgement.

The days of owning some special measuring tools that most couldn't afford to measure are gone.  Defining surveying as such is a long gone loser.  If that is going to be the standard used in court to define land surveying we deserve to lose.

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It ia apparent from the article that Mr. Lucas hasn't read the definition either.

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