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Hillcrest 01

A nice elderly lady stopped by in her car and asked me if a parade was coming soon. I had about 350 stakes over 8000 feet long, with white, red, and orange flagging.

Took me the better part of a week with R2 (Focus 30 Spectra Precision). I told her it was not a parade, but a new sidewalk.  She was happy to hear...

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holy cow
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Dang it!  Didn't your mentors teach you how to properly answer such questions?  Never give out dull answers.  Make up colorful ones that will intrigue the questioner.  Like the fellow that asked what we were surveying for.  Told him there was to be a sewer line replacement in his neighborhood.  It would be above ground and made out of glass so everyone could see if the system was working correctly.  He said something about how I really "knew my s^^^".  Then he laughed and started making up his own theories about the practicality of an overhead sewer line made of glass.

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