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Spectra Precision Focus 35 Radio / search issues  

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Curious to know if anyone has intermittent issues with the connection between internal radios of the F35 robot and the ranger 3 (survey pro). I've had the current F35 for a year now (purchased new), and already had to have some internal radio parts in the instrument replaced @ around 11 months old (fortunately warranty covered).

What I've been noticing lately (and starting before the repair) is it is taking longer and longer for the ranger to connect to the instrument. When it was new, it would connect almost immediately. 3-5 seconds usually. Now, it will cycle thru"looking for..." then "idle..." for anywhere between 15 to 60 seconds or more before it connects most times. On occasion, it will not find it without restarting the instrument and / or ranger. Distance from the instrument doesn't seem to have any effect, and once connected everything is fine. I also had the same issues with an F30 I had a few years back... new when I got it, radio replaced a@ around 11-12 months old, and connection time seemed to degrade over time.

A second intermittent issue is when you hit search, the robot will turn very slowly thru the searching pattern (as if it was on speed 1 or 2), not find you and stop. Then hit search again and it moves quickly and finds you without issue like it did when it was new. Similar to the connection issue, it has been happening more and more as it gets older. May be related, may not...

Out of the box, it was quick and responsive, but just like the F30, these problems start to get worse around 11-12 months. Frustrating to say the least... and the wasted time accumulates, especially when you need to move quickly. 

Curious to hear any feedback. Settings are not being changed when the issues happen either. I'm mainly trying to determine if this is common with a lot of the F30's and F35's, or if I just happened to get 2 that were dropped on the head as babies when no one was looking...