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Site Calibration - Template Setup (Trimble Access)  

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I will attempt to keep this short. I am heading to a new pipeline project. Ive been at the same project for 5 years and everything was setup when I arrived here. The new project has 2 coordinate systems (early-works lack of communication is the reason I was given). At a certain point along the alignment the coordinate system changes from one to the other. There is a Base Station setup on site and I have already connected to it without issue. I was told that another survey contractor setup their own templates by doing one point site calibrations using UTM Zone 12 as the coordinate system. This was referred to as a 3D translation. I was also given a couple csv files with control points currently being used at the project site. Both of the new coordinate systems are represented in the csv files. I have never performed a site calibration and am unfamiliar with the process. How do I get templates setup to these new coordinate systems? I am using Trimble Access with a TSC7/R-10 setup.


Please help.


Thanks in advance.

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Use the existing calibration, once calibrated a job should never be re-calibrated. The calibrations should already exist in the TBC file or the Access job file. 

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Are both coordinate systems using UTM, and they don't jive with each other?  Or is one system UTM and the other system local?  It sounds like the other contractor on site setup their job with a know projection and datum (probably NAD 83 UTM ZN12 if it's like anything I've done around your neck of the woods) and then performed a one point calibration to one of the given control points, effectively translating their survey to that control point.

Once your calibration is completed and your checks to other control are done, you can copy that calibration from job to job using the "copy between jobs" function, or you can create and name a template using the "Last Used Job" function in the "Settings" menu.

If your project and layout are in UTM resist the urge to add multiple points to your calibration, things will only go sideways unless you truly understand what the controller is doing.

Good Luck


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I'm definitely a Template guy. If I have a job I know I am returning to once your calibrated go into settings and templates and import new and it should default to the job your working in. Pick it and name it and your done from that point. The Template gets saved to the system files folder so if you need to use a different collector and on the fly you can grab and throw it in and keep rolling.

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