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Resizing Pictures  

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Just A. Surveyor
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I AM FIT TO BE TIED RIGHT NOW. I have never had so much damned trouble from a simple job of inserting pictures in an Elev. Cert. and have been working on this for 4 bloody hours with no joy. I have tried every trick I know and am about ready to go postal on something.

Is there anyone I can send a Elev. Cert. to with 4 pictures and you insert the pictures for me as I am at my wits freaking end with this BS? 

EDIT: I had to use my wife's computer but I finally got it.


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you can try me if you like:


Cameron Watson PLS
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Google "Image Resizer for Windows".  It's a simple app that embeds in Windows.  Once installed it's an option when you right click on the image file.  Super simple and very effective.  You get 4 preset size options and a custom option if needed then you can also decide if you want to resize the original or make a resized copy.  I use it all the time for my kids sports pictures.  I take super high resolution pictures for my personal use but then weed through them to posts a couple dozen on their team page.  You can resize them one at a time or in batches.  Good luck!

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Yep that's the one I posted the link to on the previous page. Good bit of kit

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