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R10-2 upgrade to R12 free?  

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David Livingstone
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So those that don't follow Trimble, they recently came out with a new system called the R12.  The previous latest/greatest model was called the R10-2, which had an upgraded chip set from the R10.  The only difference between the R12 and the R10-2 is the RTK engine, which is just a software change.  Our salesman is telling me the upgrade for us to the R12 from our R10-2 is free.  Anyone else hear that?  Makes me feel a lot better knowing Trimble will take care of the people that just bought the R10-2.

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Well, I think it would be a real bad look if they sold you an R10 and then tried to nail you with the R12 upgrade fee a week later or whatever.  I haven't bought equipment yet but I'm guessing the survey community is small enough where dealers can't go around burning their customers like that and expect to stay in business long.

John Hamilton
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That may be...I bought a new R10-2 a few weeks ago, and I recently received a credit invoice for the $1500 that was on the original invoice for the receiver, with no explanation. The person I usually deal with was on vacation, but now it makes sense.  

John Hamilton
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which makes me wonder...what is the difference right now between a new R10-2 upgraded to Propoint GNSS and a new R12? 

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today - no difference.

I bought an r12 because I'm concerned about the sunset date on the r10-2  vs   r12  

standing on the corner
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After reading this I requested a quote (1/13) from my dealer to upgrade my R10-2 to R12.


Can anyone direct me to any documentation about this free upgrade?

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