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Programming a GS14 internal UHF Radio  

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Hi All, I need to program some new frequencies into the Satel  internal radio on a GS14.   The GS14 came with a DC5 collector, which does not have the full functionality to program the radio.

I have the required software from Satel, but not the Leica GEV261 cable.  The cable sells for $550, which I don't really want to pay.  I can buy the LEMO connector for less than $50.  I have tried to pigtail a 3 wire connection to the GS14 LEMO with no success.

Does anyone have a GEV261 cable who would be willing to use an ohm meter on it and see if it uses more than just three wires?  I will be glad to call you and work through it with you.  Thanks!  Jim

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