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Prism pole leg clips  


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December 4, 2018 12:28 pm  

Need advice. I have the large diameter 15' prism/gps rover pole. The little plastic 1-1/4" bipod leg clips are too small.

I ordered 1-1/2" clips, but they are still too small. Where can I get the larger clips? 

I have created a work-around, but would  rather have a more secure connection rather than a bent t-post clip.

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20181204 134531

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December 4, 2018 1:37 pm  

I would go to the hardware store and get either a long carriage bolt or a piece of all thread and bend it to match the radius you need.  I wing nut and a washer and it will be adjustable and removable.

Nate The Surveyor
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December 4, 2018 2:09 pm  

We sure need larger leg clips.

I agree


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Ross Kinnie
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December 4, 2018 4:26 pm  

One set of my bi-pod legs came with a Velcro strap which worked well - looped around the legs and the pole

A Harris
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December 4, 2018 10:06 pm  

All my bipods use a velcro strap and holds very good when clean.


Stephen Ward
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December 4, 2018 10:15 pm  

I always keep the Velcro attached to itself even when the bipod is in use just to help keep it free of trash and mud. 

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Norm Larson
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December 5, 2018 5:07 pm  

So as I am drifting to sleep last night I am thinking about this thread. Obviously there are issues there beyond surveying, but, back on topic. I have this idea for a ball bungee leg holder. You place a ball bungee on the support stand that has the cut outs and after it is snuggly in place, you zip tie the entire mechanism to a rod. The zip ties hold the mechanism on the rod and block the ball bungee from backing out, so, it just hangs when not in use. Ball bungee's are great with gloved hands and dirt does not bother them.  Making it fit a lot of rods proved impossible, so it fits 1-1/4" to 2" rods. In the pictures the CF rod is a 2" rod and the red is 1-1/4". I made a very large touching area to let it be used on carbon fiber with as little impact as possible. Gluing a piece of inner tube on the inside face would lessen the pressure needed as well. I measured some bipods that we have lying around and the support legs were 1" in diameter, so, that is what this is set for. As the cartoon shows though 3/4" and 1.5" poles also barely fit

Untitled 5
Untitled 9
Untitled 8
Untitled 7
Untitled 6

I like this so much I am going to design a second one for 1-1/4" and 1" rods specifically.  I did place this on Shapeways if someone really needs a big one and added in $5 for myself.  Large bipod leg holder on Shapeways

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Norm Larson
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December 6, 2018 9:39 am  

This is the smaller one for a 1.25" rod that I will print for my crews.  I did increase the standoff so that feet washers of 3" diameter could be used without hitting the rod

Untitled 1

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