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POB Magazine Moves To New Pay-To-Play Model  

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Plumb Bill
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I would only entertain paying for premium content if I would in return obtain control over what BNP media does with my contact information.  Allowing myself to be marketed to in turn for content is nothing new, but BNP definitely took it to a NEW LEVEL; I'd go so far as to say they've went beyond good taste in the amount of spam I'm subjected to because of their marketing practices.

No thanks

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Unfortunately, this is exactly why I let my subscription lapse years ago. And yet I still get random marketing emails that are obviously from POB lists. When I started this website in 2010, I swore to myself and everyone that joined that I would never sell their information or even give it away, for that matter. I still haven't, still won't, and never will.

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I refuse to fill out the subscription renewal request form, but, still get the POB magazine in the mail. Jeff Lucas is still writing scathing, vicious attacks on surveying. I wouldn't pay for that.  

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May they rest in peace. I think POB was the first magazine I got. They made me mad when they bought RPLS forum and converted it to something that wasn't friendly. I was getting the magazine, but a lot of the articles nowadays seem to be some manufactures sales pitch.

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If POB was informative and relative, like it was 15 years ago, I would pay $1 a month to read it online. But since it it NOT relative OR informative, I would not pay anything to read it, in any format. 

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