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Pin cushion pics needed  

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Here are a few I've come across in the past year or so.

In the second pic, the guys setting the 5/8" red cap actually took a chunk out of the 1/2" yellow cap to "get it in the right spot."

Last pic, both irons were set by the same company.


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Andrew Clark
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I found these today, two different corners, same job site. In the second photo, the capped pipe purports to be a 1/16th corner. I have a feeling some more searching is going to be in order. This project is going to be fun...

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David Baalman
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2013 09 12 09 15 10 238

That's the same LS number on each cap, literally touching each other, about 0.1' away from a prominent fence corner. The second crew obviously didn't bother to look. I found them with my boot while waiting for my lackey to catch up, since he was carrying the shovel & metal detector.

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IMG 0065

From last summer.


Seems at times some surveyors have some things in common with  dogs when it comes to pissing on fireplugs.

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I've seen that happen before in jobs that I am doing all the house layout's. One PC in particular was too lazy to get out the shovel and metdet.

No longer employed by me. The first thing my employees are required to do, after they drag themselves out of the truck, is to grab the shovel and metal detector.

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