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One of those days  

Stacy Carroll
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Does anyone else ever have those day that you just want to punch somebody? Here's what keeps me out of jail. I just keep saying over and over again to myself... "(S)He's an Engineer/Attorney/Realtor/Architect (whatever the flavor of the day is), (s)he can't help it". Its not failed me yet. Your mileage may vary.

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Good advice.  I like what someone on here wrote once: "I studied to be an architect, but failed arrogance 101 and ended up a surveyor." 

  Our first survey back in the 80's was for a man who built a house based on what the realtor told him.  The day we were on site to show

him where the line went through his house his neighbor stopped by and jokingly asked if he could use the bathroom that was on his side. 

Although I distrust all engineering plans I have found that a good engineer is worth his weight in gold.  There are some that can do some

pretty awesome things.  My older  brother is a lawyer.  Growing up he loved to argue.

holy cow
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Yup.  Been there, hated that.  Some people were just born deformed, i.e., all (the lower end of the colon).

Parenthetical phrase added to remove the "potty mouth" entry that appeared when I first used the seven letter term that begins with an "a" and ends with an "e".


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