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New Orleans unit of distance measurement "Line"  

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Chuck Beresford
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Good morning~

Can any of you folks familiar with working in the New Orleans, Louisiana area shed some light on the unit of measurement for distance referred to as a "Line"? Research I have done yields 2 answers: 1) From the Spanish "linea" and equaling 0.0063484 U.S. Survey Feet and 2) 1 Line= 1/8 of an inch. 2 vastly different answers :-S

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Cliff Mugnier
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Number 2.

Common in downtown business district, I think.

paden cash
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I know little to nothing about any New Orleans units. As for "lines", they vary according to your reference material.

I've got an old 19th. Century "Joiner's" (cabinmaker's) handbook here (somewhere) I was going to scan the page for you. But it's not where I remember it being...

Anyway, feet, inches and lines are designated as 1' 2'' 3''' as 1 foot, 2 inches, 3 lines. A line, by my "joinery" reference material was 1/12th. of an inch.

I have read other material that set a line as 1/8 of an inch and others called for 1/10 of an inch.

good luck


xyHt Magazine -- Still absolutely free!

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Common to New Orleans area and other areas of LA.
Really spelled 'ligne' and is perpetuated by the D'Hemocourt street and block maps of the city.
Pronunciation is "lean"
A ligne is 1/8"

It annotated by '''

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first time I have heard 0.004417 referred to as Vast!

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