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Let's try this one last time......  

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I am going back into surveying to chase my license again.  GIS has been interesting, and I will capitalize the data management portion and analysis when I'm:  not pounding rebar, digging section corners, setting tack and hub, running from insects, furry animals, lightning, pissed off landowners, carousing lawyers,  crying over losing a drawing that i spent too much time on without saving enough times, etc etc etc.

Overall, I expect I'll be getting more and better exercise and socialization that I was lacking in GIS, and at the end, A real licensed professional career that isn't based so much on the whims of people that don't really understand it is what I'm doing, where I'm going,and what I want to do to challenge my brain( and body in this case) to solve difficult and interesting problems to help me stay out of trouble and remain happy.

(Mic drop)

Lay it on me......tell me why I shouldn't do it, and GO!!!!!.......

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Norman Oklahoma
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Posted by: @jitterboogie

Lay it on me......tell me why I shouldn't do it, and GO!!!!!.......

Because a nice, safe, warm and dry cubicle to crawl into and die in is what we all crave.  

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Do it! It'll be fun.


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... they said.  Smile

paden cash
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Initially licensure to me was a personal accomplishment thing.  At that time (B.C. ...before computers) licensed surveyors were like tree frogs..all over the place if you looked.  And they all were grand-fathered and freely admitted they stood no chance of passing an examination.  I just wanted to make a statement among my peers and prove something to myself.

And I never did well with indoor settings.  An old joke was that "ol' Paden wasn't house-trained".  Indoors (at that time) on a drafting table seemed like torture.  To this day I never really feel alive unless I'm breathing in the fresh air and hopping fences or digging a hole somewhere.  It's a Zen thing I think.  There's always a geometric puzzle of sorts to solve in what ever fashion the evidence allows.

Some of us are just cut-out for being a surveyor and some aren't.  It sounds like you've made your decision.  Consider it an elite ilk of individuals and respect your work, it will be worthwhile.  I have a hunch you won't be disappointed.  Good luck.

A Harris
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Follow your dream.

You gotta love what you are doing or else you are supporting some other person's dream while they are living it.

Personally, I am fulfilled with the fact that I am solo and deciding where and what I want to do every day of the year, apart from those days SWMBO decides that for me as I am her willing subject.


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