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Land survey’s day  

Larry Scott
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I had no idea. But today is our day.

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One cup o joe
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If you (as someone in the business) did not know this was National Surveyors Week, then we, as Surveyors, need to do a much better job of communicating.

Happy Day All!

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Very fitting. Our governor signed our right of entry bill today....

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Duane Frymire
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Not judging either way, but right of entry bills are restrictions on the court order directing surveyors to follow the footsteps of the original surveyor.  I notice they came about when early gps came into use where surveyors would go onto property in the middle of the night because of satellite configurations.  In my view, right of entry statutes are restrictions on the right of surveyors to enter private property, not authorization to do so.  Anytime we enter it's by court order.