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Jobxml to .dat With Traverse Data Types StarNet.  

Steward Souten
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Hello all

I am using a Trimble S8 total station & Starnet.

When I use the StarNet converter to convert a trimble jobxml file into a .dat file, StarNet always converts the jobxml file into a .dat file using direction data types such as DB/DM/DE.

I have been told that I need to use Traverse data types such as TB/T/TE but I was struggling to convert my .jobxml into a .dat file such that the conversion creates traverse data types in the .dat file and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could achieve this.

I have all the converters and currently using StarNet V9.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.


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Any reason why you need to use T data lines? They are meant for quick manual input of traverses and also parcels.

Direction sets can perfectly well be used to process a traverse. They are actually a lot more versatile in my opinion, giving equal weight to all observations in a set.

I believe they stylesheet supplied by Trimble and also the StarTSC importer generate DV and M records which use "Angle right" for horizontal angle. Maybe this is what you want to see?

Norman Oklahoma
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I don't currently use the Trimble JXL converter but I have in the past. I use the TDS raw file converter. The results are very similar.

I get direction set formatted data when I do resections. I get DV and M  formatted data when I do sets of observations. I never see T type data from either converter and I don't care to.   

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Have not had any of the converters generate "T" observations. When I want to have my data as a traverse, I edit the .dat file from "M" observations to traverse format. Beware that the traverse format is very specific in its order and such. It is not intuitive to me. I use it maybe once a year and have to read the manual every time.

ZI export a .dc file from Access and use StarTSC to convert. Never used a .jxl. If the .jxl converter only generates DB, DM, DE, then I don't suppose that I ever will. M and SS lines are more to my way of thinking.