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flyin solo
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there are various aspects of this profession that many of us enjoy in common.  there are some, though, that i'm not sure we all get to enjoy to the same extent- or that are more infrequent, fleeting, or perhaps just not as stimulating to our varying sensibilities.  i was reminded of one such thing this morning.  just got back from popping a manhole downtown, in the back of an asphalt parking lot, and re-measuring the inverts as the engineer didn't believe my initial report because the inverts didn't match the plans.  said plans being 60+ years old.  the best part is said engineer met me on site, along with his helper, to see it with his own eyes.  the whole exercise took about 5 minutes, of which one of us did the actual work and the other two simply observed.  when i pulled up i was greeted by two people dressed like this:

800px COLOURBOX3360859

i've met engineers on site countless times over the decades, and it never fails to amuse me what the standard perception of field work is, or how clearly excited some of them seem to be to spend 10 minutes in the field.  i wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out that there was a shopping trip to REI involved for today's meeting.

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Gotta be prepared in case you fall in...

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OF course, you touched on the reason that baseball is America's pastime; seven guys standing around watching two work.

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The true field engineer is a dying breed. I know a few, but they are few and far between. 



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Did they both have Starbucks canteens? 😎 

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elicited audible chuckle. thx.

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