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It always irritates me  

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Nate The Surveyor
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It'll take 30 mins. Or 3 days.

Price is still 1800$

Mm hmmm

A Harris
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holy cow
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Nice young neighbor asked about finding his boundaries on a 9-acre tract. Told him I would get back to him as I was fairly certain I had made that survey.

Called him back today. His first question was whether it would be bad, like $200, or good, more like $100.

This is simply a case of having absolutely no clue about the cost of surveying. None.

He is a nice guy who works very hard but who probably works two days or more to get a net paycheck of $200.

Norman Oklahoma
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Over the years I've had a number of coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances ask me if I could drop around their place on a Saturday to survey their boundary "for a box of beer".

party chef
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The shoppers do not bother me, what grinds my gears is nosy nellies inquiring about the owners plans, if they are going to subdivide etc. That is not really my place to share; check public records or ask the owner directly.

Working on heavy civil sites I am always surprised by people with strong objections to the works; saying that they should just use more buses instead of putting in a subway or not fret about dumping hundreds of millions of gallons of CSO into the lake.

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