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How does the Trimble TSC3 interpret dxf for point names? is it possible to rig/adjust this?  

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Long story short, im seeing if its possible to maintain point names and have them displayed correctly on the controller when the dxf is placed on the controller and linked as an active map.

At this stage i have constructed something in LISP that takes an exported csv, and creates block points at the same coordinates, on a layer corresponding to the code, and names the block point as the point number.

From this i export the dxf to be used on the controller by the WBLOCK command. I was hoping that with the name of the block given, that the TSC3 would use this name for the point, such that it could be selected same as if you created the point on the controller in the first place; unfortunately, the points appear on the controller as : "LAYER" "LINE IN THE DXF CODE WHERE POINT IS INSERTED"

so i may have the point in autocad with the name P01, on the layer NAIL; but then the dxf interprets the points name as: NAIL 2493, where 2493 is the line in the dxf code in which the point is inserted. If you are to open the DXF again the point name is maintained, so it has nothing to do with the block name being lost.


Is there a way to change this? Either is there a better way to export the dxf? or is there a way to change how the TSC3 interprets the point name?


Im aware that CSV export LISPs are a dime a dozen out there, but i find dxf's easier to use, and would save me having to export multiple files


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