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Hemisphere S320 Base & Rover - Can't Get a Fix  

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I'm sure I'm having a PEBKAC moment.  Any help greatly appreciated.  I have a Hemisphere S320 / Eclipse antenna hooked up to a Pacific Crest ADL and a Hemisphere S320 / Eclipse run by Carlson 4.07 on a Ranger.  I can connect via Bluetooth to both.  I set them up using this guide:

I can set the base to "Autonomous" and have the 2 green lights say they're getting signal.  Get the 2 green lights for the rover also.  Everything seems ok, but I can't get a fix when I'm in the GPS survey screen.  Carlson has the GPS module.  Any ideas?  What are the common causes of Carlson not being able to talk to get a fix?  Pics attached.

Side note--I had the same problem on a S321+ base/rover setup I test drove from a guy selling on Kijiji (my boss sends me out to meet the most interesting people when it comes to buying equipment Smile ).  Their knowledge of the setup was extremely limited.  I also couldn't get a fix there.  For a number of reason, I passed on that setup.

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Pics of PDL setup attached here.

IMG 2739
IMG 2740
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I would approach my local dealer for assistance.   That's why they are in business

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As a follow-up, I want to give a shout out to Mark Silver of iGage.  This video helped me trouble-shoot how the slow touchscreen monkey (AKA me) was messing things up:

The last GPS system I used extensively was the Leica 1200 series when the 1230GG was just released.  One would set your base id, choose your channel, and the base would pass that along to the PDL.  It would automatically set the channel (ie. base id of 5, channel of 7).  A quick tap on the buttons of the PDL showed your channel and you would punch that into your rover.  The mists of time had clouded that process for me.

Mark's video showed me that you have to cycle left/right through the ADL to get the channel.  Thank you for that.  I can only imagine the knowledgeable support you provide your customers.

For the nuts and bolts:

-I'm running SurvCE 4.07 so for equipment there is no "Eclipse II S320" option like all the Hemisphere videos.  S320 works for me.

-the base needs to be set to "Generic" in regards to the radio

-for the rover, you'll need to choose "nL400" for your radio and punch in the large Data Freq number that you will read off the Pacific Crest ADL (this was the key to getting my setup to work)

-I used Rox for the protocol, but I'll be trying RTCM next as I usually prefer using it

Side note--the tip about keeping "Detect antenna" on and not blowing out the internals was also appreciated.

Other videos that helped: