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Help Please - Trimble 4000SSi Configuration  

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Much success. Both methods worked !

- via serial port, with modified "LOADER.EXE"

- via frontpanel. I found the key sequence : power on normally; go to the Modify menus, press "More" to get to the last page, then enter "567355"  . Easy to remember, that's "OPTION".

- enter password (indeed, generated from the unit's serial # and specific option value, so in my case "EE68EF4DF8" to activate the 1PPS option. This code will not work on any other unit of course.

IMG 20190813 121250869c
IMG 20190813 152057970c


Funny story : I modified my battery caddy to add a more convenient DE9 serial connector, but I realized too late that the caddy uses the "PWR2-3" connector which only has  the signals for serial port #3. That is one of the options that needs extra hardware. My unit lacks that, so I now have a decorative serial port!

IMG 20190812 225414722c

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Since the code and serial numbers seem to both be 10-digit numbers in hexadecimal, I wonder if it could be as simple as a value for the feature XOR with the serial number to make the code?

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Hi Bill, you're on the right track ! It is a bit more convoluted though, there's a few extra steps of mangling involved. Do you still have a working 4000 ?


(Side-note : just tested "Trimble DataTransfer" (Windows-based), couldn't get it to run under Wine but it works fine in a VM, with the gps hooked up via an USB-serial converter.

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