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GNSS Radio Repeaters in Extreme Heat, a successful story  

Mark Silver
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Just in case you need to survey in the desert, in the summer, with a repeater.

A customer just finished a large survey, 18 days in the field. Daily temperatures were over 115 F. 

They tried my shade umbrella trick:


But the repeater would shut off midday, even with the ADL Fan cage running full tilt.

They came up with putting the repeater in a water cooler with a one gallon milk jug filled with water frozen solid:


with a notch cut for cables and the radio wire tied to the top in case water jug leaked.


The entire setup looked like this:


At the end of each long day the ice jug was still 1/2 solid.

They were broadcasting full GNSS with CMRx, 9600 baud, Satel format with no FEC if you are wondering. 

File this away for the next time you have that random job in hell.


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Gene Kooper
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Posted by: @mark-silver

File this away for the next time you have that random job in hell.


As they say Mark, necessity is the mother of invention!  Thanks for sharing.

John Hamilton
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Thnaks, Mark...

We used a reflective blanket in Abilene, TX where it was HOT, but this looks like a better idea. 


Here is a similar idea for A/C in a small basically put ice in a cooler and then a fan brings in air, blows it across the ice, and then back into the cabin.

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Kinda like a swamp cooler...

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I've figured out I'm TOO OLD to go to hell.  115 degrees I couldn't survive even if the GPS stuff was working great.


Octa-Frequency GNSS Receiver, Quad Constellations

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