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GIS Surveyor App for Surveyors and GIS Professionals  

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GIS Surveyor is meant for survey data collection, analysis, and planning before execution of a project. It allows professional surveyors with an opportunity to collect more accurate and less expensive survey data with a stipulated time frame. In short words, it can be said to be a GIS remote sensing application that can be used for GIS Mapping.

GIS Surveyor is a GPS/GNSS based survey application that uses GPS data collection. It will be used for various types of environmental survey and field survey while also enabling the GIS data collection to be faster and efficient. Polosoft technologies, a growing company in the field of GIS web and mobile application development with a highly experienced team. Recently, we have developed an android survey application (GIS Surveyor) for surveyors and GIS professionals. 

The application will be most useful with lots of features for land surveying, agricultural, farming, forestry, timber inventories, site surveying, environmental systems, and highway road surveying.

Top 5 Benefits of the GIS surveyor application:

- Possibility to view multiple layers including points, lines and polygons at the same time.

- Possibility to group data into survey layers - each survey layer may have a default set of attributes.

- Four methods of data collection are supported, GPS/GNSS location, map cursor location, GIS Tracker, point projection using angle and distance.

- Direct export to Dropbox, Google Drive at anywhere location.

- Import point, line and polygon features into layer from CSV, KML or GeoJSON file.

Download Required on Android OS 4.4 and up.

We will be adding more technical features in the application in the coming few days. Go through this Playstore link to download the GIS Surveyor application. 

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This is a product advertisement. Wendell and Angel sell advertising space on this forum. Sounds like you may have a good product, but very bad form. These posts will be deleted as soon as the forum owners wake up this fine Saturday morning.