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Get a load of this  

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That's a horrible looking property. I'd survey it for $5K.  No line markings but I'd set the corners.

Maybe take two days for my traverse around looking for sign (although you said the last guy didn't leave any sign). Get a location on that house and access road. My retainer is 65% though. The two weeks is not an impossible deadline but it'd be tight.


Did I mention that it looks horrible? I have to agree with Just A in that, even though it's a high dollar area, nobody wants to spend the money on the survey. All their money is tied up in the house.


I'd tell them to go ahead without a survey. You are buying the house and right there it is. When you absolutely need to know where the corners and lines are, call me. I'll survey it proper for you for between 5 and 6K.

A Harris
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It started out as a buffer zone whre no one would build close to the main house and then the taxes got toohigh to afford and he now needs to sell it to get out of the hole he put himself in.

A survey on that tract would practically take surveying every adjoining property to be satisfied.


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